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February 22, 2013 / gaillovely


Appy Friday!



Tellagami  is a free app for creating short animated “scenes”. It is simple to use and requires no sign up or registration.


Tellagami is a supremely simple app which does one thing well – create short, one-character, animated audio scenes. It is a simplified version of the web-based Xtranormal, in fact, it is created by the same creator. But this is so simplified as to be usable by the youngest learners and the least comfortable iPod, iPad, or iPhone user.

The app starts with an opening screen which couldn’t be much simpler:


You can customize your character’s gender, skin tone (3 choices),  eye color (5 colors), head size (regular to bobblehead), and some hair and clothing choices. While some may want more choices, I think the small number of choices means students (and teachers) will move more quickly to the message instead of spending all day perfecting your character.


You can choose a background from those offered by the app, or you can use images from your device’s camera or photo roll. You can do some simple placement of the character and resize the character to fit the background, and then you are ready to create the spoken message.


Your Tellagami can speak 450 characters via a selection of 11 different voices or 30 seconds of recorded sound. I found the voice choices for the text-to-speech to be a nice selection and the fidelity of the voices to be superb. tellagamispeak

Your Gami  is saved as a .mov file. Next you will want to share your Gami with others.

For output, you can save your “Gamis” to the photoroll of your device or share them directly to Facebook, twitter, SMS text or via email. The email arrives with a link to your Gami on the Tellagami website (see here: This has no identifying information (remember no registration or log in) and also provides embed codes for the Gami. Since this gives you a link, you can also create a QRCode or Chirp to this Gami as well.



This is a rather simple app, but with 30 seconds of voice (recorded or text to voice) this could be used for a number of quick spoken messages. As a writing prompt with a photo you import from your photo roll (as shown above), as a quiz by displaying an image from a science experiment, primary document, or map with a spoken question, or even as homework reminder on your website. Perhaps students could create math problems for their peers to solve, vocabulary explanations, or even a mini monologue in a language class. The ease of creating these and sharing them, all without registration, means this easy tool could be used for a lot of online or projected uses.


The details:

2013-02-21 09.08.57 amTellagami

Free (when posted on 2/23/2013)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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