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January 12, 2013 / gaillovely

Jelly Bean Count

Appy Friday!


Jelly Bean Count

Jelly Bean Count  is a free app for young learners who are learning or practicing counting combinations of colorful jellybeans which always add to ten. The interface makes counting by color an interesting event with opportunities for group solutions and discussions in this multi-touch math app.

Jellybean Count Screenshot


Jelly Bean Count is a fairly basic app, but the interface makes this one more interesting to me. The user is shown 10 jellybeans in the four colors shown above. In single player mode the user touches the “color bucket” with the number of fingers equal to the number of jelly beans of that color. In the picture above, the student would need to touch the purple bucket with two fingers simultaneously. When they do, the jellybeans will disappear and the numeral will remain in the color bucket. They can use two hands to make the correct amount of beans in a color so it can be a good partner activity too. In multi-player mode all ten beans must be accounted for in the appropriate color buckets at the same time… cooperation and co-problem solving at work with math too.

The options menu is activated by touching two cogs, one on the left and one on the right at the same time (see screenshot above). This makes it harder for young learners to accidentally activate the menu. The menu is really pretty simple, so students could certainly be taught how to change the modes, even though they are text-based.

Jelly Bean Count Menu

Students can enter their names at the log-in so their scores end up on the leaderboard. I don’t think they will need that, but it is there if you wish. The points are rewarded based upon their speed in responding correctly.


This is a rather simple app, but the interface could lead to interesting opportunities for student discussions. Working in single-player mode could easily lead to discussion about number combinations to make 10, more or less, (“How many more purple than red?”), and even suggesting they use both hands for each color (beginning number combinations and adding skills). Multiple learners working together in single player mode COULD encourage cooperation and discussion, but in multi-player mode this could more likely come from the learners themselves. They have to all touch the color buckets at the same time in order to be successful. If they do NOT assign themselves each a specific color they will need to further cooperate. Of course, the math will still be a topic of discussion… counting, more or less, and combinations will be pat of the conversation. There is a similar app called Multitouch Math for practicing math facts which may interest some of you who want students to work with addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division equations.


The details:

Jellybean Count App LogoJellybean Count

Free (when posted on 1/12/2013)

iOS app is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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