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November 28, 2012 / gaillovely



Image to Icons


Img2icns is an app for Macintosh computers which is free to download from the web. This is a tool for creating icons from images on your Mac. So each folder can have the look of an icon or image. This makes it easy to see what is inside or the theme of a folder.


Img2icns makes it easy to create icons for folders and files on your Macintosh computer. The interface is a simple drag-and-drop… watch the magic in this short video:

If you decide to change a folder icon that is easy too…

Simple, but useful… read on….


Img2icns can make finding specific folders on your Macintosh much easier. Non-readers could look for the image of something, like a bear for the folder of images of bears, or a big letter K when working on the “K sound”. If you keep folders by content or theme you can also glance at the outside of a folder and know what is inside. Additionally, you could change the icon for specific folders on your desktop so that specific groups of students could find “their” folder more easily by glancing for their icon. Individual files can also have icons assigned to them through the same process. This means you could make the icons for files be self-explanatory, an image of the file contents, or you could even make the icon for each a large number; 1 on the first thing to use or do, 2 on the next etc.

As a digital scrapbooker I have found this to be a wonderful tool to allow me to see what the collection inside a folder looks like without opening the folders.

Before I used Img2icns my folders looked like this:

Folder of Folders - Before

Folder of Folders – “Before”

After I used Img2icns my folders look like this:

Example of icon-based folders

Folder of Folders – After

If you have a need for icons for a web project you can also convert images to icons in just a couple of clicks using Img2icns.

Now, get to work making your files and folders easier to identify and more interesting too!

Details and Costs:

img2icns_icon Img2icns

Free when posted on 11/28/2012

Online at

For Macintosh only.

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