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November 9, 2012 / gaillovely

Today’s Front Pages

Appy Friday!


Today’s Front Pages

Today’s Front Pages by Newseum  is a free app which provides images of the day’s front page of hundreds of newspapers from around the world. Access to news is fairly easy and common in our world today. There are a myriad of online 24/7 news sources, but even so, easy access to worldwide newspapers allows for an easier conversation and study about what makes news and how news is covered in different locations and in different publications… this has media literacy as it’s headline!

Sample Front Page 2Sample Front Page1


Today’s Front Pages by Newseum  is a free iOS app and website tool which provides the day’s front page from hundreds of  newspapers worldwide. The images can be emailed and used within other documents. Papers can be found via a map interface or by searching a list of participating papers. You can create a list of favorites and quickly get to those as well.

Newseum Map

Most of the papers have a live link as well which usually links to the online version of the paper.Newseum Map 2

It is important to recognize that the news is not always “classroom appropriate” so care should be taken to make certain you and your community feel comfortable with what you might display or share with students.


Easy access to daily newspapers across the world provides easier tools for having students explore how media reports the news differently in different places and in different formats. For younger students I might share a local paper and the local big issues based on the headlines or images. This is particularly effective if it is about something students can relate to or understand, like a big high school sports victory or the opening of a new road, park, store… and then show the front page from the next town, and then next town etc to show how local news is important to us and something else might be more important in the next town… looking at the global nature of some stories and not others as a bit of social studies, a bit of geography and a bit of media literacy. With older students it would be interesting to take a specific day when there is a hige national story in your nation (say an election or a natural disaster) and see which, if any, other countries also placed pictures or stories on this topic on their front pages and have a discussion about why. Since papers are pictured as they are, there may be a language barrier for many papers. This provides an opportunity to study how images inform or misinform. What can we learn about a topic from the image? These are just a few ideas, I am sure you will have more!


The details:

Today's Front Pages IconToday’s Front Pages

Free (when posted on 11/9/2012)

iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.



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