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November 2, 2012 / gaillovely

Explain Everything

Appy Friday!


Explain Everything

Explain Everything  is perhaps my favorite app! This app is a “whiteboard” app with space for importing images, webpages and more. You can annotate on the board, add voice, add multiple pages and export it to a myriad of places. This is a BRILLIANT app!

explain everything screenshot work in progress


Explain Everything is a powerful app which is easy to use. It has all the usual tools for “whiteboard” apps, plus some great bonuses. You begin with a blank “slide”.  There is a pen tool with a variety of thicknesses and sharpness as well as custom and preset colors. A “red dot”, like a laser pointer, for when you use the voice over narration perhaps, which can also be an arrow or finger-pointer. There are a variety of shapes (circles, squares, stars, arrows, and lines) you can add to your slides, with or without outlines and in any color. The text tool includes a large selection of fonts with color choices and sizes  as well as bordered or borderless text boxes.

Insert Menu

The “insert” tool is where things get really special! You can insert images from a variety of sources and you can insert a LIVE web Browser AND you can insert documents too! WOW!

Once inserted you can manipulate and annotate these. The annotations are linked to the items so if you insert a webpage and then annotate on it you can scroll the page and your annotations stay on the part of the page which you annotated! This is true of any annotations.

You can have multiple “slides” with separate voiceovers for each and then… another highlight you have tons of options for exporting your work.

explaineverything export images screenshot

Image Export Options

explaineverything export movies screenshot

“Movie” Export Options


This is one of those apps which really can be used at almost any age for almost any subject… the littlest learners could voiceover a picture from the camera roll – maybe a picture of their artwork, or a picture of something they are learning about. Older learners could take pictures of science experiments and then annotate the steps and voiceover important points. A document could be imported and then annotated, illustrated or simply read to capture reading fluency. Website and other tutorials are another example of how this could be used. There are many examples on YouTube:

Young learner report (with hand-drawn image):

An author sharing information (How to draw a Thanksgiving Turkey):

Problem Solving a Wordy Science Problem:


The details:

explain everything app logoExplain Everything

$2.99 (when posted on 11/2/2012)

iOS app is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


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