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October 24, 2012 / gaillovely





Textivate is a free website which is a tool for creating and hosting a variety of text-based interactive activities. You simply type or paste text into the Textivate textbox and then select from a menu of 26 different activities… filling in missing letters, spaces, words or phrases, putting phrases into the correct order, etc.

Here is a sample for you to try:

Textivate Menu


Textivate allows you to paste up to 500 words into the opening textbox:

Textivate Opening Text Box

Then you click on the large “Textivate now” button and the menu appears. Each menu choice is provided via a small “diagram” and once you or your students have used this tool a couple of times it is pretty clear what each means.

textivate put phrases in correct order

Textivate – put phrases back in correct order

Textivate - fill in missing words (auto check)

Textivate – fill in missing words (auto check)

Textivate - Build a paragraph

Textivate – Build a paragraph

In any case, if you choose the wrong activity you can click on the back button and return to the menu again. If you register for a free account you can store your text on their servers, set the privacy settings you wish for your activities, and link to them… or you can open a saved set from the website and use it that way as well. There is even a setting which allows your set to be opened only from your website.

Because Textivate is programmed in Java, it works great on tablets like iPads and could be an effective tool for use with an interactive projector or other interactive displays as well.


Textivate could be a good tool for language learners… imagine having to read a passage and place the correct formats of verbs and nouns into the correct locations based on your understanding of the passage. Or use a paragraph full of commonly confused words like they’re, their, there and to, two, too… and students place the words based upon the sentences. Or students memorizing lines or content may find this kind of deconstruction and reconstruction helpful to them. Additionally, some struggling or beginning readers may find this a motivating way to work through their reading passages. Older students take a particularly important piece of informative text and use Textivate to focus them on the details of each word. Lots of possibilities here… I hope you discover some you can really use!

Details and Costs:

Textivate  Textivate is FREE!  —

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