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October 3, 2012 / gaillovely





Free tools for teachers… can’t beat that, right? Triptico provides downloadable tools such as totally customizable word magnets, a class timer, class magnets, random student picker, team score boards and like 15 more tools! These are great for projection in a classroom to use in a wide variety of activities.


The interactive, customizable tools include:

  • Word Magnets
  • Random Name Picker
  • Class Timers
  • Team Scoreboards
  • Find Ten
  • Order Resources
  • Group Builders
  • Text-based or Image-based Spinners
  • What’s the Question? (a little like “Jeopardy”)
  • Match it! (a matching game)
name magnets

name magnets tool

word magnets

word magnets

Find Ten

Find Ten

Image Spinner

Image Spinner Creator










Most of these tools can be customized with your own content. This means you can use a class list, a vocabulary list, questions and answers, writing or speaking prompts and more. Remember, these tools are running from your computer so these will work even when the network is down!


Oh my goodness there are lots of ways to use this big collection of tools! With a projector you could use many of these tools to differentiate in your classroom, heck you could even use this in a staff meeting or professional development. Enter in your class list once and use it over and over. Randomly select who gets to answer a question or the order students will solve a problem or do a task. Have students create vocabulary lists with words and definitions and use these tools for practice. Add student writing prompts and randomly assign the prompt. Use one of the timers to time an activity or a time limit for a task. For very young students you can use the image-based spinner to randomly assign tasks or centers by placing pictures of the activities in the spinner and having them spin for their assignment. I could go on and on… just go download this tool and get busy using it!

Details and Costs:

Triptico logo

Triptico is free. There is a premium version (Triptico Plus) in the works which will add some additional features and functions but David, the Triptico Guru/Founder promises he will keep this free version.


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  1. podasca / Mar 15 2013 3:34 PM

    …David, the Triptico Guru/Founder promises he will keep this free version….

    This promise has been broken. If you try to run any of the apps in the old version of triptico, they don’t work anymore. Instead, you are forced to upgrade to the ‘new’ version which has fewer free apps.

    • gaillovely / Mar 20 2013 9:30 AM

      Thank you for your comment. I have contacted David and hope to hear from him here, or via email. I am eager to hear his response.

  2. Molehill84 / Apr 26 2013 6:26 AM

    I agree…in my opinion the old version was better. There were tools I used constantly in the old version which are no longer available, so I don’t use Triptico very often anymore. What a shame! For a while I was able to run both the old version and the new version, that was ideal…

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