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September 28, 2012 / gaillovely

sling Note

Appy Friday!

This is Appy Friday post shares one of my all-time favorite apps!



sling Note

sling Note is an amazing app, one that really stands out in the amazing array of “note taking” apps. What sling Note does which I have not seen anywhere else is simple capture of portions of webpages, images, or documents and then easily annotate them! There is also the ability to do the same with a built-in calculator. See some of this in the video below.


sling Note pairs the capabilities of note taking apps with a fully-functional web browser and more. When used on an iPad in horizontal orientation the screen has two parts. On the left side you can have a web browser, a calculator, an image from the iPad photo gallery, or import a pdf, Microsoft Office, or iWork file.

sling Note screenshot website

Webpage on left, “notes” on right

sling Note pages file

document on the left, “notes” on the right

On the right side you have a collection of tools and the capability of building multiple page documents. Tools include a “finger” tool which acts like a knife cutting (copying actually) anything you draw around on the left-hand side of the screen and then can drag and place this “clipping” onto your document on the right-side of the screen. You touch the “Capture” button on the top of the left side of the screen and you can clip any shape you simply swipe your finger around and then drag this clipping to your document on the left side of your iPad screen. You can drag the URL of the page you are working with on the left onto your document on the right. Additional tools on the right-side include a text-box tool, highlighter, annotated highlighter (which highlights and includes an attached text call out field), pen tool, and eraser tool. Each tool has a tray of options built into the right edge of the screen – so colors, sizes, etc. can be chosen there.

As always I am interested in where the items created can be accessed, and sling Note does offer some good options for re-purposing, accessing, and using the documents created. Documents are stored in sling Note as notepads which can have several pages. These can be emailed as HTML or PDFs; uploaded to Dropbox as pdf; saved as pdf to iTunes to be synced later; opened in other pdf-friendly apps; or printed (see below).

sling Note file management

sling Note File Management


The tools are simple. The interface is simple. The uses seem endless.

Students could use sling Note as they do research instead of the time honored “index cards”… imagine as a teacher being able to look at a student’s sources and each source would have the live link, the excerpt, the student notes, etc. all on one page! Even young students could use this tool to help document what they are learning and where. (See the sample below where the “student” was learning about “karsts” and began with an image they took that was in their photo roll, then added a clipping from Wikipedia and the link to that source. )

sling Note as research tool screenshot

Additionally sling Note could be used to help communicate web-based bugs or problems (to a help desk or friendly support person). Teams could use sling Note to share feedback in a graphical way. Students could share an accomplishment on a website by capturing part of that site and then add their reflection about the experience through the use of the text box or pen tools. Students could use sling Note to label and share information they find on websites as fact or opinion or  to fact check information, which could be especially interesting during elections.

Using sling Note with images from the iPad photo roll means this could be an easy tool for students to use to reflect on work accomplished in other apps and saved to the photo roll.

One more thing to think about… you can also use this as a dual browser because with a three-finger upward swipe you can change the right side of your screen to a second browser, so you can read my blog and tweet at the same time on the same screen, multitasking on your iPad! Enjoy!


sling Note logoThe details:

sling Note

$2.99 (when posted on 9/28/2012)

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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