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September 5, 2012 / gaillovely





Add web links, text, audio, slideshare, Wikipedia links, and even video links to images and then embed them or share them via simple links. Below is a Screenshot (not actively linked.)

Example ThingLink

An Example or two:

Unfortunately, I host this blog at and this does not allow me to embed my example ThingLink images here. To see live interactive images which are enhanced via ThingLink follow this link:
You can add “links” to an image you upload or from images you have on Facebook, Flickr or from a URL. Each image can

You can even add a video to YouTube as an unlisted video (one which cannot be seen by anyone) and then place a link to this video on your ThingLink image and then ONLY people using your interactive ThingLink image  can see this unlisted video (details here: )


Imagine the possibilities… an image which is embedded with simple little circles, each one is a link to a slideshare, a soundcloud audio, a flickr image, vimeo video, and more. Students can create an entire presentation from the base of one image. A historical map could come alive with stories of the places on the map or a narration of places where parts of a story took place. The image could carry prompts for writing or discussion. Multimedia is gathered into a single interface via a ThingLink-enhanced image. A circle could also provide a solution to a question an image poses or even the vocabulary in another language describing a portion of the image. I could go on and on. You can find many more examples, tutorials and links to the work of many other educators on the ThingLink Blog (

Details and Costs:

The FREE BASIC ThingLink account includes 50 linked images. They have graciously offered you, my readers, a free upgrade to the PLUS account with 500 linked images ($60 value). Just sign up for ThingLink at their website and then send an email to and mention: “Please upgrade my account with code TLUpgrade”. (Be sure to thank them for their generosity!)

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    I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, many thanks for allowing
    me to comment!

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