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August 29, 2012 / gaillovely


Web Wednesday

There are lots of useful websites “out there” so why not look at one and think about its usefulness in teaching and learning? So that’s what I will do. This is the first of a series of Wednesday Posts focusing on the Web and its useful tools.



Screenshot of SpeakPipe in Action


Simply put, SpeakPipe adds a voicemail-like widget to your website or blog OR provides a link to your online voicemail box. With SpeakPipe students, parents, colleagues or others can easily leave you a voice message without using a telephone (either yours or theirs). You can set it up so you receive an email whenever a voicemail message is left for you but the messages will also be stored in your inbox on the SpeakPipe site.


Imagine the possibilities. Give students and parents the opportunity to leave you a message via voice without sharing your phone number with them. Use SpeakPipe to record student work – like foreign language dialogues or reading fluency examples. Young students or others who are unable to write can respond to writing prompts or other schoolwork via voice if need be. You can listen to the files or even download the audio as .mp3 files for re-purposing or as evidence of learning.


SpeakPipe accounts will store an unlimited number of voicemail minutes with each message limited to 10 minutes or less. SpeakPipe provides support and instruction for install “widgets” or html code for sites, Blogger blogs, Tumblr and Joomla sites as well as your Facebook page. Additionally they provide a customizable page for your voicemail box with a specific link so you can share that link with others via email or in other settings (like this one: .) You can customize the colors and the text in your SpeakPipe tab and balloon messages so you could use this feature to remind students of the assignment or the question to which they are responding. Within the tool you can reply to the person who leaves you a message (IF they have entered their email address when prompted by SpeakPipe) and they will be able to follow the link in the reply and hear the response without a SpeakPipe account.


SpeakPipe is currently in Beta and is free. They plan to add paid accounts with additional features for about $6 per month at some point while retaining free accounts with fewer features than their paid accounts, time will tell if you find the free accounts useful enough to encourage you to explore the paid version… but until then, try SpeakPipe and come back here and let us know what YOU think!

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